Data Science cheat sheets for the win 😎

Franz Diebold
2 min readNov 26, 2022


As a skilled Data Scientist or ML Engineer you probably switch between technologies, programming languages and libraries quite often because you want to solve the problems in the best possible way.

“One does not simply remember syntax” meme

However, switching contexts can be hard and time consuming. 🤔

The solution

For me, the solution to this problem is using cheat sheets! 🪄

That’s why I gathered cheat sheets for all technologies and libraries I use frequently — and made this list public 😉:

Data Science cheat sheets collection

If you find better cheat sheets or would like to add some, feel free to open a PR!

“Cheat sheets, cheat sheets everywhere” meme

Pro tip:
Print out the cheat sheets and pin them at your desk. 😎

If you like the collection of cheat sheets:

Thanks! 🙏

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